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The HMI portable asphalt-rubber (AR) blending units utilize the latest cutting edge computerized blending technology available in the industry. These plants can handle a wide variety of mix designs by continuously monitoring, weighing and adjusting blends of ground rubber, high natural rubber, extender oils and AC.

45 TPH A/R blending plant with two hoppers (ground rubber and high natural rubber), extender oil metering package and mill for polymers.
Combination unit, 15 TPH A/R blending plant and 6,000 gal. reaction tank incorporated on one chassis.
Portable 45 TPH A/R blending plant.

HMI agitated reaction tanks are available in many sizes and configurations, such as 20,000 to 30,000 gallon, direct fired or hot oil heated, single or dual compartment.

20,000 gal. direct fired portable reaction tank.
Two compartment, 30,000 gal., hot oil heated reaction tank with hot plant interlock and 2,000 gal. extender oil tank.
12,000 gal. legal size agitated reaction tank.

Hotmix Industries, Inc. offers a solution to contractors that have a problem getting asphalt cement to the desired temperature in a reasonable amount of time.

Hotmix Industries, Inc. manufactures a compact portable rapid heat rise booster heater mounted on a 22.5 foot two axle trailer.

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